What is


Dynamic Yoga Barre is designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement leading to long lean physique. Dynamic Yoga Barre classes are known for being empowering, effective, and fun for all ages and levels. It fuses the graceful movements of ballet, conditioning in a dynamic yoga practice, and the toning of the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body in Pilates. Classes are set to upbeat music and involve athletic movements. They also effectively flow through each muscle group, creating endurance and stamina through strength training and increased flexibility through stretching. The recommended sequenced moves are designed to get the body fit!

What makes

Dynamic Yoga Barre Training Different?

Dynamic Yoga Barre Training is a method that takes a comprehensive training and brings it to life at your studio. I teach the fundamentals of barre training with lots of sequencing and posture techniques and provide continuous support and mentoring to help you create and teach an awesome class. I give you the fundamentals and building blocks of barre allowing you to bring your class to life with your creativity! Dynamic Yoga Barre is also the first to infuse Vinyasa Flow with Barre, which plays an important role in centering and balancing the mind as well as warming up the body. This style of barre is a perfect fit for yoga studios who want to add barre to their studio schedule.

What is

Dynamic Yoga Barre Training is a Certificate Training Program

This is an "Assessment Based Certificate Program." This is a non-degree granting, vocational training program, that awards a certificate to those who have completed and passed the required final assessments. In this training, you will be provided a certificate after the completion of this comprehensive teacher training program.

You Learn How To
 Create and teach classic barre classes and fusion yoga barre classes for all types of fitness levels.
* Dynamic Yoga and Barre Theory and method of teaching.
* Structure an effective 50, 60, or 75 minute class.
* Sequencing a class that creates strength, posture, and endurance.
* Cueing for a safe and informative class.
* Dynamic Yoga and Barre Staple Exercises.
* Learn how to break down and count music to take your teaching to the next level and offer a well-rounded class.
* Learn the anatomy of the “core”, which consists of the shoulders, core, and hips, to safely and effectively teach a class.
Course Material
* Printed instructor manual
* Certificate of completion
* Core ball
* Opportunity for ongoing choreography
Dynamic Yoga Barre Training is an Accredited Course By National Pilates Certification Program
Approved 15 NPCP CEC’s!!
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites before taking Dynamic Yoga Barre Training program?

Ideally you would have one year of barre, group exercise, yoga, Pilates or dance experience, but I absolutely love training new teachers who are fitness enthusiasts with the motivation to succeed. You should absolutely become CPR certified and get liability insurance before you begin teaching as well. If you are a Barre enthusiasts student who just wants to learn more about barre and be apart of the women empowerment group, we would love to have you as well.
Do you accept everyone who applies to the training?
We limit our class sizes to twenty so we can give the individual attention to each trainee. We read and consider carefully every application that comes in.
What are the days like?
They are long. Your brain might explode from all the information – I mean that in a good way. It’s normal to feel pleasantly overwhelmed. Bring snacks and lunch. We end on time no matter what.
Once I’m trained in Dynamic Yoga Barre, where can I teach?
Once you have been through the training course you can teach anywhere, if you have a previous fitness, yoga, and dance certification.

Does This Training Qualify Towards CEU’S?

Yes, Dynamic Yoga Barre Training qualifies for 2 Yoga Alliance CEU’S. Because this training is not specific to yoga, your two CEU’S are going toward the sequencing in the yoga portion of the class and the anatomy of the core, shoulders, and legs you will learn and be tested on.
I simply want to deepen my practice and not necessarily teach, can I take the program?
Absolutely! You still need to fill out an application to express your desire.
If I take the Dynamic Yoga Barre training, can I teach other forms of barre?
Yes, but you cannot call your classes Dynamic Yoga Barre, if you plan to blend styles.  My method and format is unique to Kelli Durrance and Dynamic Yoga and Fitness. Please be respectful.
Are there refunds on trainings once I have started the training?
Sorry, there are no refunds on training once it has begun.
What if I have to cancel in advance of training?
If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of the training, no refunds will be given.
What materials are needed?
You will receive a detailed manual. Please bring a pen, water, snacks, socks with grips.